Monday, February 1, 2010

TV Morning Antics

Well it was quite the morning. We were all there on time but the film crew was a little late...we were just beginning to wonder if they were gunna' bail when Mr. Casey Scott waltzed in all curly blonde hair under a baseball cap and grinning from ear to ear. Someone said his nickname is the "village idiot" awwwwwwe....he is almost like a lost puppy...

It was a lot of standing around for 3 hours and then one sided banter between Casey and the mic...we couldn't hear what Ron and Mary were saying in the studio??

We got a few phone calls even before the segment ended but one of them was Casey's stalker??!! YIKES!!...I think I'll stick to framing, thank you!!

I hope this will give the custom sports memorabilia a great kick start for 2010!! Thanks McGee's Stamp and Trophy for a great morning and next time let's get breakfast brought in!!

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