Friday, February 5, 2010

Cuts like a knife...

I'm not exactly sure of the whole story behind this knife but from what I could tell...Girl brings in knife to shadowbox for a Valentine's gift for her fiance. Knife was made by someone very close to Fiance and has a lot of sentimental value. Fiance likes to show knife off so Girl wants the knife to be removable. Hmmmmmm...... so, I'm building a shadowbox where the rabbet will be the back of the box and will hold the weight of the knife then I'll build a separate frame the exact outside dimensions as the shadowbox and hinge it will a piano hinge. The box will be lined with suede as close to the same color as the knife scabbard as I can get it. Between the suede and the backing (I think I'll use peg board, light yet sturdy) I'll hide a piece of hardware that I can manipulate just enough to poke a small part of it through the suede and use as a cradle to hold knife and scabbard.

Whew!! we go!!

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