Monday, February 8, 2010


I got an amazing camera for Christmas and when I get a little....little is the operative word here...smidgen of time I like to go out and about to shoot. There is a pond where waterfowl gather just a mile or so from my shop. Around the pond are varies trees, and when the inversion/fog moves in they get covered with frost. When the fog burns off and the sun hits them just right it's like being in the most vast diamond's breath taking!! I especially love the weeping willows. I haven't gotten a day like that yet, but I did take some time to go shoot the birds and do a little jump session. My partner in crime for this outing is my neighbor Rick Smith who is quickly becoming well known in the jumping circles. I thought you all would like to see what is on the other end of all those amazing jump pics he masterfully captures!!

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