Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Original Art

Beveled Edge Framing does some contract work for another local framer who is amazing at their frame making "master frame makers", but chooses not to do mat cutting or carry glass. We do a better job at assembling/finishing these projects because we do the whole dust paper backing and have all the glazing stickers and yadda yadda yadda. I LOVE doing work for Krieger/Ricks because they get the most amazing original art sent to them to frame. They make high-high end frames that are hand made and hand guilted and overlay corners and spandrels take a peek for yourself. SO...the art that goes into these amazing beautiful-expensive frames isn't the run of the mill what you see everyday art. OLD and ORIGINAL and NOT chocolate box art (Ugg!!) I just finished a set of 5 pieces that a guy purchased from Christies...isn't that such a PBS or only in the movies thing you hear??!! WOW!! was some very cool art!! One was even a pig skin parchment in German that was used for some kind of official message sent during WWII, rolled and then wrapped with a 1.5" ribbon sealed with melted wax. I tell you I get giddy when projects like that walk thru my door!!
My favorite part of this order is the owner/customer knew how priceless originals are and used the best glazing available...Can I tell you how much I love museum glass??!! As much as I love original art!!

Here are some originals done for the same guy that I did back in Dec '09. I'll take a few photos of the new pieces tomorrow and get them posted too. Enjoy!!

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