Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jersey Shadowboxes

I just picked up three football jerseys to frame....Ocho Cinco, Drew Brees, and Adrian Peterson. They are all signed and have authenticity papers, but the Adrian Peterson jersey also came with a photograph of him signing the jersey. Very cool because you could see the signature and could tell it was THAT football player, big diamond earrings....but the funny part was he was signing it in someones kitchen and it looked like one of those bad 4-plexes over on the southwest side of Provo that 100 years ago I actually lived in. Bad fake oak cabinets and cheap stove...I was thinking "hurh?" this some black mail scam someone has Peterson over a barrel on?? would think a major Pro player would have some 500 sq ft man-cave-office to be signing his jerseys in???

Never the less I love framing these, it's hard not to put on the jersey and take my pic wearing them before I start on the've....never.....done.....that! ;) Okay maybe just the Michael Jordan's college jersey with the championship bracket embroidered on it that he signed from the winning game!!

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