Sunday, January 24, 2010

Matting Makeover

A great way to get a new look and feel in your art AND save a bunch of money is just change the mats and/or frame. If you have wisely chosen art that you LOVE you won't want to get rid of it...but we do tend to update our homes and color trends change in our furniture and wall color. Don't be afraid to make you art and investment. If you love something and it's expensive remember that over the life span it's worth doing the more expensive fabric mat vs. the paper mat because the depth and richness is WORTH it. The bigger/fatter/tastier frame is WORTH it. DON'T go cheap on your glass, it will protect the image for YEARS!! Conservation or museum glass will keep your image from fading and discoloring over's the difference of a few years or 50+'s WORTH it!!

Guess are WORTH it and it doesn't make your art makes it priceless!!

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