Beveled Edge Framing

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chanel 2 News!!

Many stores have outsourced their framing to Beveled Edge of our favorites is McGee's Stamp and Trophy in Midvale and Orem. Our businesses work hand in hand. They are amazing at their name plates, corporate awards, rubber stamps of all kinds, and traditional engraving on almost any surface. We are amazing at our imagine how their name plates look in our boxes!! Chanel 2 morning News will be doing live spotlights Monday morning from 5-8 from the Midvale store. We are so excited to plug our framing!! Tune in and hopefully I won't make a complete fool outta' myself :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Matting Makeover

A great way to get a new look and feel in your art AND save a bunch of money is just change the mats and/or frame. If you have wisely chosen art that you LOVE you won't want to get rid of it...but we do tend to update our homes and color trends change in our furniture and wall color. Don't be afraid to make you art and investment. If you love something and it's expensive remember that over the life span it's worth doing the more expensive fabric mat vs. the paper mat because the depth and richness is WORTH it. The bigger/fatter/tastier frame is WORTH it. DON'T go cheap on your glass, it will protect the image for YEARS!! Conservation or museum glass will keep your image from fading and discoloring over's the difference of a few years or 50+'s WORTH it!!

Guess are WORTH it and it doesn't make your art makes it priceless!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jersey Shadowboxes

I just picked up three football jerseys to frame....Ocho Cinco, Drew Brees, and Adrian Peterson. They are all signed and have authenticity papers, but the Adrian Peterson jersey also came with a photograph of him signing the jersey. Very cool because you could see the signature and could tell it was THAT football player, big diamond earrings....but the funny part was he was signing it in someones kitchen and it looked like one of those bad 4-plexes over on the southwest side of Provo that 100 years ago I actually lived in. Bad fake oak cabinets and cheap stove...I was thinking "hurh?" this some black mail scam someone has Peterson over a barrel on?? would think a major Pro player would have some 500 sq ft man-cave-office to be signing his jerseys in???

Never the less I love framing these, it's hard not to put on the jersey and take my pic wearing them before I start on the've....never.....done.....that! ;) Okay maybe just the Michael Jordan's college jersey with the championship bracket embroidered on it that he signed from the winning game!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Original Art

Beveled Edge Framing does some contract work for another local framer who is amazing at their frame making "master frame makers", but chooses not to do mat cutting or carry glass. We do a better job at assembling/finishing these projects because we do the whole dust paper backing and have all the glazing stickers and yadda yadda yadda. I LOVE doing work for Krieger/Ricks because they get the most amazing original art sent to them to frame. They make high-high end frames that are hand made and hand guilted and overlay corners and spandrels take a peek for yourself. SO...the art that goes into these amazing beautiful-expensive frames isn't the run of the mill what you see everyday art. OLD and ORIGINAL and NOT chocolate box art (Ugg!!) I just finished a set of 5 pieces that a guy purchased from Christies...isn't that such a PBS or only in the movies thing you hear??!! WOW!! was some very cool art!! One was even a pig skin parchment in German that was used for some kind of official message sent during WWII, rolled and then wrapped with a 1.5" ribbon sealed with melted wax. I tell you I get giddy when projects like that walk thru my door!!
My favorite part of this order is the owner/customer knew how priceless originals are and used the best glazing available...Can I tell you how much I love museum glass??!! As much as I love original art!!

Here are some originals done for the same guy that I did back in Dec '09. I'll take a few photos of the new pieces tomorrow and get them posted too. Enjoy!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

MLK Continued...

So the artwork got picked up today from the shop and I'm hoping someone with an even better camera than mine (which will be hard to do 'cause I got an amazing one for Christmas) will take some shots of the artwork hung...I'm hoping to find time to go there and take a look up close and personal!!
Today I picked up a wristband and ticket to last weeks SLN with Charles Barkley from my great friend Chris S.. The trade is now in my favor the sport bike rental!! The O Jerusalem was picked up and my customer LOVED it. I also delivered the 7' x 1' panorama frame to Kenny for his was a great day!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ahem....*tap tap tap* "Is this thing on??"

This is it!! Day one of my new venture to tell the world about what I do, give advice, show tricks of my trade, and hopefully expand my circle of friends and customers. This week we were frantically trying to get a rush order out for UVU. Artwork for their SIXTEENTH ANNUAL MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.COMMEMORATION. We didn't know we had the go ahead until the day I left for vacation. Allison from UVU brought in the artwork on Tuesday the 5th...the moulding arrived the 6th...and the next three days were spent chopping, nailing, and assembling like mad women. Project finished Friday morning @ 11am, we made the due date. Allison wasn't able to find anyone to sign the check!! it's Saturday...will they be picked up?? Photos to be posted soon!