Monday, March 8, 2010

Mounting and Framing of canvas...

We recently received two reproductions of artwork by Gustav Klimpt....The Kiss and Water Serpents II. They came from a customer serving in Afghanistan. He purchased them online and had them mailed to us in art tubes.

The paintings are wonderfully pop-y in color with accents of bright golds and bronzes. They followed the originals well but had a flare of the copy cat artist's take of Klimpt's pieces.

Since they came rolled they needed to be mounted first before framing. Up until a few years ago the canvas being made was very natural and it was easily stretched then made super taught by a soft spray of water which made the linen tighten. Now the man-made canvas won't do that as water will just bead and roll off waxey "fabric". So what I've found to keep it nice and tight and cost effective is mounting on a hard board like masonite. It also protects the canvas from being poked through when moving the artwork or a sugar crazed child with a pencil!!

I can't wait for Cory to come home....he's suppose to hop a helicopter in three days...not only am I grateful for his sacrifice so I can keep living the American Dream, but I'm thankful for his safe tour of duty. Hurry home Cory we have sushi to eat and art to admire!!

Cory is home safe and he really likes his Klimpt's!!!

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